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«Vie privée» is a collection that emphasizes the intimate relation between the jewel and it’s beholder. A profound and secretive relationship. In this campaign, two themes were explored around the concept of intimacy and made into eighteen 15 sec videos.

San Valentino

«In Case Of Love» is a two part Campaign, balanced between dreamlike staging of Jewels and Love birds, metaphorical characters from the stories told by our real-life protagonists.

Fregoli Trasformista Video

In case of love

This was part of an interactive project. A series of pictures and videos made for the spectator to browse, and change the view point in live streeming.

Fregoli is a new italian brand named after a famous Artist who could change appearance very quickly on stage.

As you have guessed, Fregoli’s unique  handbags can change appearance in a glimpse. The challenge of this video was to make this feature explicit.


Roger Vivier



Over the years, Van Cleef & Arpels have managed to create a unique atmosphere by a subtle combination of delicate and strong pieces and magical visual experiences. Perlée is one their iconic collections.

For this instagram serices, we proposed

a 9 square mosaic based on a playfull cir- cus reference, inspired by the imaginative Calder circus video he produced for his grand children.

Chaumet Aigrette