I am visual story teller.

I remember when my father used to show us 8mm films he had edited. In his library there were many reels to choose from, my favorite was the «baby duck». My 2 year old brother playing with this twenty grams vibrant yellow bird was a reel treat and the stories that went with it, him flushing it down the toilet for example (those were other times). So many questions would arise, rip.

However, the whole moment was a thrilling experience, installing the projector, shutting the curtains… Then he would turn it on, i remember the smell and the heat of the dust when the fan was on. This rattling noise when the film passed through the mechanism before being attached to the other coil and the suspense of seing the first impressions on the wall. There was no sound, that was a nice part too, being able to comment all along the screening.

But the most interesting part of it was the fact that he took the time and effort to edit these moments with a cutter and glue in 10mn long films, choosing the best shots and making it into something personal. For this he had another small manual projector that helped choose the right moment to cut.

Later, when my grand father passed away, my father gave me his old 35mm camera, a Revueflex E with a built-in light-meter that took me quite a while to understand what it was for, meaning that hardly any photos came out right for a long period. Most cameras i had seen amongst friends and family were automatic or polaroids, and for many years, my parents had always given me disposable cameras to play with, underwater ones too !

30 years later, here i am, capturing unusual places, people, objects, moments in order to tell stories ; looking for vibrations.

Vibrations are everywhere, they flow through our minds and bodies, colorful, sensory waves, associations of tastes and textures poorly or well matched, crazy situations, unpleasant or uninteresting visions, desolate landscapes, interrupted lives, letting go, little unspeakable pleasures, invigorating contrasts, related ideas, metaphors, fallen beliefs, irremovable traditions, questionable choices, contemplative expectations, futile hobbies, mishaps, desolate emptiness.

My style is descriptive and somewhat documentary but the real magic occurs when you put together all the small pieces into a series of pictures, a book, a film, and finally start telling a story.

I am available for many kinds of projects.

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Born and raised in Paris, France and Great Britain, i am a French Photographer and Director actually living in Correggio(RE), Italy.

I specialize in Jewelry, Fashion, Industrial photos and videos, produce and direct TV Commercials, Corporate and Music videos.


Born in France, Fontenay aux Roses (92)


Master in Grafic Design at Penninghen (ESAG) Paris


Transfer to Correggio (IT)


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